Friday, 4 November 2011

I ride alone....but this time i had oldest boy liam

                                                                                                                                                                    This photo was taken on the way back from a scooter run to biker only land matlock , i say biker only land because all the big biker boys and girls meet there every sunday around lunch time onwards.i was once one of these big biker vfr750f  was my ride. The scooter run is called beat the bikers hence we needed to be there before them, stay awhile have fish and chips or a breakfast then move on so the big boys can park there bikes up,  space for parking is limited!

the boy in the photo is my oldest son liam,with his hands in the air he's happy to have escaped the big bikers on our little big vespa. We made a stop here for fuel but it seems the garage as been closed for some time.....on one of the pumps it say 4star priced at 58pence a litre,its now around £1.30 and rising daily!

With one last stop off to call home.......i think he was ready for his tea.
The brand new vespa sits nicely next to this old red phone box (the last one to be produced was 1968) .

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time together,in a car this trip would have been very boring and theres no way we would have stopped to take any pictures...the world through a car windowscreen looks very different to the world aboard  a vespa ...........................yes its much nicer by vespa!

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