Thursday, 10 November 2011

I think all this rubble means no caravans allowed on the farmers field! . . I DONT THINK THIS LAND OWNER WOULD EVEN WELCOME THE GYPSY CELEBRITY PADDY DOHERTY

These are the great length's farmers and land owners feel they need to go to.......all in the name of keeping out unwanted guests,This land owner may of had trouble in the past with travellers setting up home here.   As i ride further down this country lane i discover a second gateway blocked off-:

I feel its a shame that these measures are necessary.....and all to keep someone off YOUR OWN property .
The area of the east midlands of which i live is actually very nice, there are plenty of fast moving duel carriage ways and motorways,these type of roads will get you where you need to go  fast, but there are also many country lanes .........its these lanes i enjoy exploring, there is so many small villages and towns around me that i sometimes wonder if i will ever see them all,i seem to be discovering new places all the time . when i set of on a mini adventure i  hardly ever have a (A to B) journey plan....i  simply add fuel and head off to wherever the vespa takes me.......this is top fun!

The road less travelled.....................who knows where it will lead .......i will post it when i get there!
P.s i am getting on with the vespa wonderfully ,it's up to all the tasks that i give it .....there really seems to be nothing i cant do with it , Small narrow dirt tracks to motorway work it does the lot perfectly.......another 50 enjoyable miles added!....Great stuff.........If you found this post interesting or useful in anyway please donate any amount you see fit.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Len:

    that is a nice looking scooter, I like white, so clean and quiet as compared to a 2-stroke

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Circle blue ,

    thanks for your comment on the photo


  3. Bobskoot,

    cheers for the comment.....yes it sounds innocent,
    looks innocent.....but goes like hell.....if you want it to that is!