Thursday 1 December 2011

The rain came down then all fell silent ......but mother nature kept me dry!

This image was taken around four weeks ago. I was on one of my usual scootering adventures around the derby area of the east midlands when the heavens decided to open up.This big old tree was my safe haven......When the rain stopped falling it all went unusually quite ,which was strange because very close by lies a major duel carriage way........but there was no road noise at all not even a rubble of an engine....has i take a closer look at things all becomes aparent almighty big traffic jam!
Drivers had shut there engines of and there was no emergency vehicle sounds to be heard just .......deafening silence .

The silence of thousands is deafening , it is said.
For the record, it's not , it's pretty quite-sayings are weird!
But what that silence does do is fill your ears,widen your eyes and lead you down paths of thought you've never explored .Here i was ....yes a little wet but fine and happy then my paths of thought travelled ........First my thoughts went to the other end of this jam ...the course....I hope its nothing more than a broken down lorry.......Please no crash and no victims.
Then my thoughts travel further........if i was sat in one of those cars nearing the back of that jam would i be annoyed...........guiltily i admit it ,yes momenterily i would have been cursing..But not from now on ,This vespa ride was yet another learning experience......HAVE PATIECE.....BE VERY GRATEFUL.

To scooterists and bikers and everyone else for that matter safe have fun!

scootering adventures

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scootering adventures

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