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A review of sorts lambretta ln 125 review

It must be 35-40 years since lambretta and vespa both had stands at large exhibiting shows....That time as now returned, Of course vespa have never been away!

                                         the lambretta ln 125

So the new lambretta what do you think......

Ask anyone to name two scootering brands and you get wasp and lammy almost every time.
Yes there are so many really ...really good scoots today,But if we can talk iconic branding these are the muse.

Most people know the story of vespa ..this piaggio family group mobilised entire countries and for over sixty years have continued to sell the sublime .....strong ...stylish wasp, In modern formation the vespa is still a hit ..Its  as stylish as ever and resale is still very strong.

Now onto the lambretta.........

I would say that innocenti up until the end of the sixties had the scootering world in its hands,all of these vintage machines........sorry works of pure art are still most desirable today as they ever were....if not now more so!

Without being brutal ...I am not so keen on lambrettas come back......Firstly its not really a lambretta ,Its engine is of  Taiwanise decent ....its a sym motor ....and its all bolted together out in taiwan ......not that this engages a problem the taiwanise make some great stuff and cheaply ...but this also means its not really an italian stallion!

The problem is that its being priced as an italian built piece of art ....It RRP is ................£3,300.
Now thats a lot of dollar for what your getting. 

I would say this new offering is not for the lambretta purists nor will the fuel tank size aim it at the adventurers does however look cute in its own rite though!
There are some already talked about problems .....according  to some national news paper reviews ...the paint work lacks gloss and chips/scratches easy also under seat storage is shallow and there is a noted creaking noise from the cables when the steering is moved lock-to-lock ...maybe the cable lay-out needs re-routing .
These sort of quality glitches are not very welcome today ...certainly not at this pricing ,
All said this scoot is not for me ,but it will sell well ....its a trusty sym but it has the iconic branded badging and for the style-conscious scootering users who know of the brand and simply want something that looks good and is of ease to will be a hit!

There are loads of people who will pay the money just for the style alone , I won't be getting one ..but i also won't be sneering at anybody who does !

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  1. Hello Len - great blog you've started here.

    The Lambretta sounds like Harley Davidson now days. Assembled in the USA but most of the parts are made overseas. They still call them American made though, not just American assembled.

  2. Hi,

    trobairitz....thanks for stopping by,

    I have tried to say what i think with regards to the lambretta......At the moment its just a great cool brand name and thats about it!

  3. "Review of sorts" have you actually ridden one, or even seen one in the flesh? I'm not getting that vibe, just another opinion based on regurgitated 'net info.

    1. That's not a very nice comment. I can see where you are going with it but I think the tone was off. Len did a great job introducing the lambretta and its on us to weigh in further on the electric scooter.

  4. I have been into scooters now since 1984, i have always been a purist with scooters, vespa PX models, lambretta sx and gp only. I have spent many hours waiting for recovery vehicles on the side of the road or taking my scoots to pieces. I decided to buy the LN as a day to day scooter, saving my 1964 lammy for rallies. however i have started riding the LN a lot more now, taking it on ride outs, and took it to may first rally last weekend. I am totally bowled over by it. It was a bit slow pulling off the mark (to what I am used to), but a comfortable ride at 55mph. i have had an upgrade taking it to 155cc and it rides fantastic now, pulls away quick and can reach 68mph. it looks smart and is a comfortable ride. the only problem I have is the scooter snobs sticking their noses in the air when i ride past. however i remember them doing it to the owners of vespa ET's and GT's not so long ago, now they are a normal part of the scooter scene with many coming out on top of custom shows.

  5. I think you need to read a bit more up on your facts!!!!! The new Lammbretta was designed in Italy, and mostly built in Italy using a Taiwanese engine. The majority of the 'pure' Lambrettas on the road now are running on indian engines and parts anyway, mostly sub standard. I bought the LN last week and so far so good. It looks fantastic and cant wait to take it to the isle of wight.

  6. Does anyone know if the LS is in the country yet? There are a couple of shops advertising it but when asked they either haven't replied or confused the LS with LN. Pleased to read the positive reviews as I'd really like to get one.

  7. Hi there, just a quick one. I took on the new lambretta LN and we have sold 13 now. We and all our customers have been very pleased with them with no issues. The engine is a proven well built 4 stroke, with enough power to use as an every day commuter. At first I had 'purists' turn their noses up BUT guess what... As time is going by more and more positive comments are starting to surface. Time will tell. But so far all good. Mark

  8. PGS1000 07 Dec 2015
    I found Len 'accidentally' while looking for a glazier to replace my broken double glazed window. He was great: expert, considerate, polite and efficient. My window was large and an opener so required more care. The edge fitments were difficult to remove but this was done after some trouble without any damage to them .. and Len did this twice, once to measure the glass size accurately and then to put in the new window.
    Thanks Len. I was lucky to find you!