Wednesday 23 November 2011

A dig through some old pictures! . . VESPA PX VFR750F

Hi to all,
just thought i would share  a couple of photo's of my past machine's

This was my vfr750f a lovelly gear driven cam state of the art HONDA-:
This picture was taken in my garden on it's 21st birthday..................
yes its a taken in 2010.........Honda do seem to be built to last.
It was a most enjoyable...usable...well engineered machine...and yes  i miss it a little!

Next up my last scooter was a ........VESPA ..px125 in a wonderful cream colour.......again i miss it!

You cant move on to other things and keep a hold of everything ....i know my gts is the right scooter for me, but this was such an amazing scooter in A1 condition ...totally original apart from the left handed sports headlight peak and mud flaps!
what a top scoot!


  1. My first scooter was a 50cc Adly. I have a much better ride today. My Symba does so many things better than "Lil' Blue". And, I miss that scooter. I suspect that just is the way of it.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    your symba reminds me of those indestructible honda c50, c70 and c90's.....Today in the uk you don't seem to see them very often any more.............when i was younger they were everywhere!

    kind regards


  3. Len:

    I remember those C90's back in the 60's, we used to rent them. so much fun back then

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. The PX is a gem but has you say, you gotta move on, and the GTS is certainly a wonderful choice. Safe scootering!