Wednesday, 23 November 2011

An interesting 500cc lambretta ! . . maybe this is what the new 2012 lambretta should look like !

I found this picture while going through some old scooter rally photos.

The scooter event was at matlock in derby england , me and my son and just parked up the px125 and was removing our lids  when suddenly my ears were conditioned to the sound of twin allspeed exhausts ,before eyeing the scoot i thought rd350lc or maybe suzuki x7......... WRONG  its a lammy !

The chap going by the name of paul was explaning how it all came about,
simple really he said , i had a old lammy scooter one end of the shed and a tl500 engine sat on the work bench the other end of the shed!
He said "they just went  together perfectly just two old friends!

The time it must of took to create this master piece brilliance!

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  1. Len:

    I used to have a Lambretta GP200 SIL. Could have used a bit more power and it was heavy. don't see many around anymore

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. This is a pic of my mates Scoot from Eastwood Notts...From what I remember there was issues shoe horning the GT500 engine in and Andy decided to use the motorcycle cradle and weld it to the front end of the Lammy...The other issue was getting the Lammy rims onto the hub but he managed to find a hub with sprocket that had identical 4 bolt configuration for the rims...the rims had to be cut a little and that was all...Andy Martin built it in 1983 and still owns now (2018)...I need to catch up with him at some point...I haven't seen him for decades...Jez