Thursday, 9 January 2014


Misted Windows?

Are your windows steamed up inside the glazing unit?
Condensation on the inside of the failed double glazing?

You can keep the existing frames and we can replace the glass, leaving you with perfectly clear windows!

We work with and are fully experienced with every u.k / German glazing system including-:

Aluminium, Upvc and wooden frames
Patio doors
Velux loft window units
If you are looking to improve the appearance of your property why not change the plain double glazing for leaded glass or Georgian bar effect

If you want to replace your glass / sealed units, consider thermal efficient planitherm glass. It makes double glazing as effective as triple glazing and cuts / reduces fuel bills.

Thermal efficient glass, which usually forms the inner pane of a double glazing unit, allows less heat to escape through your windows than ordinary glass. Thanks to a special energy saving coating which lets the sun’s rays through, but reflects heat from fires and radiators back into your home. Heat which ordinary double glazing allows to escape through the older type glass.

Replacing blown units with planitherm means-:

Double glazing as effective as triple glazing
Allows you to stay warmer at a lower thermostat setting
Reduces unsightly internal condensation
Helps to save energy and heating costs 
Allows you to increase the glazed area of a building without increasing heat degeneration .

Please call RE-GLAZE-IT Glaziers today for a free no obligation fixed price quotation .

Call the proprietor LEN@RE-GLAZE-IT ON 07756236865 

1 comment:

  1. After searching through Google for over a week , We were left unsure and nervous about who to call regarding the replacement of our failed double glazed units .

    We had previously spoken to a large window manufacturer , who stated maybe we should consider complete new windows . This was a definite No!

    We had already done some research and knew our frames were actually fine , Besides we did not want any disruption and we also wanted the work to be cost effective and done in an environmentally friendly way (no need to chuck away perfectly good frames)

    It was at this point we discovered Len at (RE-GLAZE-IT)

    Through Google searching we came across is simple straight forward No-Nonsense web-page , his services on offer basically was filling our requirements .

    After reading through the RE-GLAZE-IT Web-page , We decided to send an Email to Len , In the Email we stated our location , glazing sizes and also that we wanted planitherm Total + Low "E" type glass ,
    You see we had done our research on the glass also!

    Len got back to us very swiftly , Giving us a very reasonable quotation , which we accepted and awarded him with the work !

    During Len's visit to our property regarding the measure-up , Right away we felt at ease with Len , he was only interested in the failed double glazed unit that we had contacted him about and although he surely seen another failed double glazed pane in the next window, he did not mention it at all , Needless to say we gave him both pieces of work to do for us !

    To sum up the whole experience with Len at (RE-GLAZE-IT) , I would say the price was very fair for the work involved , he put us totally at ease and the work was completed perfectly , Obviously we would highly recommend to all and we will most certainly use Len again!

    I do so hope this customer comment or review however you would like to look at it , is helpful to future people looking for Glazing assistance or a local glazier in the midlands area .

    Len did ask if we would leave a short simple comment , but we thought the service we got deserved to be recognised and we do sincerely feel our positive experience should well be shared.

    Sandra and Kenneth Brookes WILLINGTON Derbys

    P.S We are more than happy to show the work that Len did for us to any of his future clients .